My purpose in life is to empower other people to navigate their life journey so as to step into their brilliance.  A crucial aspect of this purpose is to be conscious of myself, and thus lead myself and others in an intentionally conscious manner. Here are 5 things conscious leaders do every day to ensure that they lead from both their heart and their mind.

  1. Establish a trustworthy environment

Companies where trust is practiced every day, encourage questions across multiple platforms, support constructive risk-taking, and remove fear so that others can become extraordinary and not apprehensive. Leaders that build trustworthy environments are rewarded with employee commitment, and sustainable, optimal performance.

  1. Remove obstacles for others to achieve worthy goals

Chronic failure to make time for previously agreed upon learning opportunities and not removing obstacles to performance will fatigue employees, and increase cynicism and mistrust. Conscious leaders clearly communicate vision, mission, and goals, and how all decisions are based on these structures, and then allow others to initiate, risk, and innovate within the guidelines.

  1. See transparency as a strength

Leaders that are transparent allow for their actions to be seen in alignment with purpose and elevated above personal agendas. Since leaders are emulated, the clarity and transparency of their actions will be embraced and repeated, creating an environment in which all feel safe to participate, thus raising performance average up instead of creating a cult of the average.

  1. Practice reciprocity

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.” ~ Herman Melville

By learning to be mindful of other’s actions, you inevitably increase the abundant benefits of reciprocity for yourself and others. It is in the act of giving that you create awareness about reciprocity, it is not a means of manipulation, or tit-for-tat agreements, but is a shared belief about value-based growth. What you give should be all about the person, their growth, and in support of their brilliance.

  1. Maintain and grow viable markets, and ultimately society

Peter Drucker, noted futurist and management scholar, suggests: “Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a few short decades, society – its world view, its basic values, its social and political structures, its arts, its key institutions – rearranges itself…we are currently living through such a time.”

In our hyper-connected world we quickly reach excess points of behavior. As we rush towards the brink of ego-driven leadership, humanity will be influenced by their desire to realign with shared core human values, and as Stewart Levine
 Founder, Resolution Works, and Rick Smyre, M.S.
 President, Center for Communities of the Future note; the emphasis will shift from actions to generative dialogue…. from prediction and control to self-organization and emergence.

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