Self-Awareness Calendar

When we give and receive fully with our hearts, we are heart-centric, we are vulnerable, and we are courageous.

Taking care of ourselves, being in charge of our lives, is a way of saying we are worthwhile, an acknowledgement of our self-worth.  ~ Ilchi Lee

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A gift from mike...

-- heart-centric self-awareness calendar --


How It Works

  • Checkout for your calendar download below.

  • Open your email and click on the download.

  • click on your download and add to the calendar of your choice (Google, Outlook, I-Cal).

Consciously Connecting with Individuals: to expand your heart, and in turn empower the heart of another, we must intentionally take small actions grounded in gratitude.

Support Your Journey

Personal transformation takes place internally, in the conscious decision to recognize the intelligence of your heart to inform your mind, to notice, but not react to the world, to maintain focus on what is primarily important, being heart-centric. 

The heart-centric, self-awareness calendar supports your journey inward so as to find joy in each day.  

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