What Can You Do When The Problem Seems Insurmountable?

The greater the chaos the more your must go to your heart, the more present you must be. That is, to be present is to reduce the noise around you so that you become more at one with what is happening right now, because it is only in the now that you will be able to make real change. If you are looking back or projecting forward about what you should have done or what you will do then you have already reduced your ability to create any real change because you are not present.

Yes, have plans, yes have goals, and yes learn from the past, but do so only as a means of ensuring that the action you take NOW is meaningful and in alignment with your purpose.

When you sit in your emotional past (memories), or hopeful future, you will fall into the trap of seeking what is not NOW, and get pulled away from purpose. Ultimately, you know the universal truth that the NOW is the only place where you can take real action to impact that which you wish to change.

Being present can be difficult on the best of days, but your ability to remain present, aware of the NOW in which you are operating, is the key to transforming your life, your community and your world.

In the NOW you can focus, you gain insight, you diminish distractions, you can be fully present, and to be present is actually a big part of providing an answer to any and everything. WHY? Because when we are present, aware, in which our heart and mind are aligned, we can then be PRESENT for others as well as ourselves, and being fully present for someone is what all of us want. We want to be seen and heard, it is not about agreement (that’s a reaction to pain from our past), presence is at the core of understanding, and we/I cannot understand someone or myself if I am not fully present. So in each moment, we have the power, little by little, to construct a new path forward, not one that tells another how to be, but one where others can be seen and heard so as to feel free to be who they truly were meant to be.

This might seem trite, or an overly simplified answer to the chaos of our world, but it is the only way forward. Authenticity cannot happen if we are not constructing solutions in a state of awareness in which we honor others and ourselves. And authenticity is the key for lasting change, for what we are currently experiencing in the world as chaos is predominately a result of people making hurried, unconscious decisions, often made and influenced by ego, pain, hate, shame, or fear. So if we stay aware of the moment, stay in the now, and really, really see and hear others we can make decisions that are from a heart-centric place and this will work to inform our mind to see the positive, the potential for change, the possibilities that arise when we rise above our own fear.

In leadership, and in life, in our organizations, and in our homes, we must commit to being present, to stop living in the past, or stressing about the future. Through our alertness around the NOW we can reduce the chaos (it will never go away completely) and know that from our heart we can be present, and in our presence we can connect with others, and when we connect through our heart we remove fear, and when fear ceases to rule who we are, then hatred, and anxiety leave us, and then we are, and others are allowed to be, free, to be.


Mike Watson


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