Thoreau’s Cove at Walden Pond. Concord, Massachusetts. Credit:

Intentional moments of self-reflection are a cornerstone of heart-centric leadership and personal development.

Periodically I like to share my own reflections if they seem to resonate higher than on a personal level. When this happens my experience has been that the thoughts and insights have the potential to be helpful to others seeking to grow.

Some of these are original (I think, do we ever really create anything 100% original?) and some are borrowed, but rose back up from my subconscious so clearly they wanted to be seen and heard.

  1. It is easier to create purposefully than it is to try and create things we think we can get. By default when we stray from our purpose and into the land of maybe and hope so, we diminish our capabilities and reduce our opportunities to grow.
  2. If it takes less than 5 minutes, then do it now. Purposeful reminder to not procrastinate and to assess if the distraction you are experiencing is worth it. FYI – if the distraction is in alignment with your purpose, then I say it is worth it.
  3. From Carolyn Myss – always challenge the voice in your head that tells you to hate and blame.
  4. Every night (or when you can), walk outside, look up and appreciate your place in the world and how amazing it is to be connected to the everything and everyone in the universe.
  5. If power is everywhere, then the energy and solutions you need are present in your life. Note: often we have to realign or reposition ourselves so we can see ourselves and the world differently. This allows us to gain access, insights and reach higher levels of learning and growth.
  6. See with your eyes not through your eyes.
  7. Inspired by Thoreau – “Be a walking dreamer.” The NY Times has a wonderful section called lesson plans that provides you with additional content, videos, thought exercises, etc. for educators, I suggest you use them for your own internal reflection and growth.
  8. Letting go (of negative thoughts, stories, experiences, and emotions) can be difficult and actually increase anxiety and stress, what works for me is to focus on seeing what is bothering me, acknowledging it, and thus letting it be.

My purpose in life is to empower others as they navigate their life journey and learn to stand in their brilliance.

What is your purpose?

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