Image Credit: Deborah Triplett

As reported in Scientific American, a series of studies conducted by Geraint Rees, a professor at the Wellcome Trust Center for Neuroimaging at University College London— the world’s leading fMRI center, established that differences in the morphology, or shape, of our brains are mirrored in differences in the way we consciously experience and apprehend the world, including our own brains and bodies.

To put it another way, our brains are shaped by how we perceive the world, the perspective we take matters in relation to how we consciously experience and SEE the world. Why is this important, well for a number of reasons?

One: The more you intentionally choose to find and view the world in a positive way, and with gratitude, you are in fact creating a more positive world view, which in turn means you are choosing to be happy.

Two: We have a choice; it is not out of our control, on how we see and experience the world, and live our life.

Three: When we realize the same exact moment is felt, and seen differently by each individual we are more apt to be empathetic to others, and more welcoming of difference of opinion, resulting in less conflict.

Four: Self-awareness is increased, when we think about thinking about our experiences and how we see the world, this is a step up in terms of personal development, and consciousness.

I love this image for the very reason that it so beautifully illustrates how three people, all connected by space, moment and time can experience and respond to the moment in such uniquely brilliant ways.

If we remind ourselves that each of us sees the world in our own way, then when we encounter difference, or get confused when someone doesn’t “get it” like we do, then we will be more understanding of others, and will work harder to seek understanding from others.

If you are to lead, whether yourself or other individuals, then it is critical that you embrace the beautiful diversity of perceptions that surround you.

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