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Select and Influence, The Two-Step Model Of Transforming Leadership

How do we as individuals transform leaders, and leadership groups that fail to consider the good of the collective whole of an organization, let alone a community? By intentionally selecting and surrounding ourselves with individuals, and leaders that have a moral compass, demonstrate ethical behavior, and that serve a greater purpose than self-enrichment.

The field of network science shows that selection influences current, and future behavior. Research has shown that the probabilities of feeling lonely, becoming obese, or getting a divorce, are directly correlated to the number of friends you have that exhibit these conditions. For instance, in research by Dr. Nicholas Christakis, he found that the chances of becoming obese increased by 57% if you have a friend that is obese, and the likelihood that you will get a divorce increased 147% if you have divorced friends. Science also shows that people have a strong negative bias in terms of reciprocity, often choosing to incur significant personal loss to punish another person they believe caused them harm. Additionally, research demonstrates that people are more willing to join others who are cooperative.

Therefore, when we consciously choose to surround ourselves with ethical people, which by definition means people that do the right thing for the right reasons in every situation, and because cooperation is an integral component of ethical, servant, people-centric leadership, that as a strategy outperforms the competition, then we are consciously influencing fence-sitters by our observable, positive, and inclusive actions to willingly join together aligned by shared core values, thus adding strength to our social, ethical, truly human network. It is in this way, that we as individuals can transform leadership from the current, damaging, self-serving style, to a people-serving style, that elevates not just people, but whole organizations, and communities.

The simple statement, if you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people, holds true, but in this case, success is defined by increased profitability as a result of truly human leadership that puts people first.

-- mike

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