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Change is the constant that so many constantly fight believing that they know how to win the battle, all the while remaining blind to the fact that change is there to guide you towards a deeper understanding of who you are and why. You must let go and trust your heart, allowing it to guide you down the path, as a mother would guide a blind child. If you have ever stopped to watch this dynamic it is beautiful and telling. The mother guides by gently holding, and briefly touching the child’s arm or shoulder as she lets them discover their own path. The blindness does not prevent the child from experiencing the beauty of a flower, the mother will quietly describe with intention and love what she sees, and the beauty of the flower is not diminished because the child cannot see, it is enhanced by the sharing of the moment. We are all being guided and led, nudged and prodded, and some of us continue to fight and struggle to walk our unique path, while others begin to see the possibilities that exist.

The reality is this; there is a calling, a need to find community, a need to find one’s way, sometimes brilliantly or through failure. There is one certainty; we are all here seeking the way, travelling along different paths while gathering together in a truly human spirit of collaboration. Although we are unlike in attitude, desire, fears, and talents, nevertheless we all are drawn to serve a common purpose of leadership that is people-centered and heart-centric.

When you decide to take account of your life, pausing to consider where you are and who you have chosen to become, it is often in that moment of honest self-reflection that you realize who you are is not who you were meant to be. For some this creates anxiety, in others depression, and yet for many it is the first time they have really experienced what it feels like to be courageous.

The reality is that deep down; we are all sublimely brilliant, breathtakingly courageous, and powerful beyond measure. What this moment of newfound courage can provide is the energy to step up and begin leading your life in alignment with powerful awakening. It is a simple thing, to be you, and yet at the same time it can be difficult. It requires commitment and persistence, and the dogged determination to refuse to see you as anything, but uniquely brilliant and connected to all of humanity.

When change is the only stable condition, leaders and organizations have to develop a high degree of flexibility and a strong capacity for change while maintaining a firm sense of direction (Hornstrup, 2014). Knowing this to be true, the question then becomes what type of leadership provides this type of stability and direction?

Heart-centric leaders are people that not only understand this truth, but also will graciously see people for whom they are, and empower them so they can grow into who they were meant to be. They are massively empathetic, yet resolute about being authentic and honest. They are value-driven, and consciously directed. They are present in every sense of the word, and work tirelessly to create supportive environments where you can begin to see your Self as opposed to your reflection.

When you lead with your heart, allowing it to speak, you are stronger than any authority or title. You see clearer, and speak with purposeful intention, you are actively patient, and you assertively carry on in your journey, knowing that the decisions you make are in alignment with serving a purpose greater than your Self. Heart-centric leaders are the key to multidimensional change in any organization. They can transform the individual, the team, and the organizational culture so it can embrace change and redirect its energy towards collective brilliance.

-- mike

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