Tell Tale Heart

Mike Watson

PODCAST: On Life and Meaning – from: Mark Peres

We are all complex, unique people, and so I wanted to share this personal and yet very practical look into my Heart-Centric philosophy and how I view leadership, as well as how I as an educator teach fashion and it’s impact on our world and our lives.

Here’s the link, ENJOY!

  • Mike talks about what is at the center of all of what he does.
  • He explains what he means by heart-centric and why it matters in our lives.
  • He answers whether our emotions get in the way of insight.
  • He discusses the difference between realizing ourselves and transcending ourselves.
  • He shares how he achieves balance and the value he brings to time-tested wisdom.
  • Mike defines what fashion is, what makes something fashionable and what is driving change in fashion today.
  • He talks about what fashion teaches us about how to live our lives and the core values that current fashion is expressing.
  • He considers how fashion ‘makes belief’ and how it shifts perceptions of reality.
  • He discusses the connection he sees between fashion and leadership.



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