Mike Watson is someone in our community that our teens look up to.  His philosophy around heart-centric leadership, his ability to hold the space for impeccable.  Mike is a rock star in our community.  He has a message that is so critical and so important to bring to the world.

~Jen Band, Founder & Executive Director, Playing for Others

Mike Watson is one of the most powerful and effective speakers I have ever had the pleasure of encountering.  His ability to step into a space and establish an atmosphere that's going to allow everyone in the room to have the best experience possible is pretty incredible.

~ Kelsey Fuller, Community Engagement Liaison & Lead Advisor, Playing for Others


Carlos Salum

Mike Watson brings his positivism, humor and creative energy into every meeting and encounter. He has the passion and the intention to “make things better” in every way: through this teaching, his facilitation of events or his artistic work...

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Robin Emmons

Michael without question, surpasses expectations, making clients, constituents and guests feel welcomed. He has an uncanny ability to put people at the greatest of ease without pretense or airs, but rather a transparent skill and ability to command a room ...

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jacki wisler

I first worked directly with Mike on a major improvement initiative team to reverse a trend on campus. Mike was instrumental in providing the invaluable feedback to ensure the team considered important but hard to see angles...

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patricia shafer

Michael Watson has a unique ability to listen to a problem/challenge/opportunity and provide laser-like consulting and coaching in response. For example, prior to launch of a socially and ecologically conscious product line called “oMa” ...

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