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Many of us have experienced that joyous moment that occurs when we are fully immersed in doing something we love, that moment feels devoid of time, in that moment you can experience an almost weightlessness in your physical and mental state, and your ability to create, decide, and construct solutions flows effortlessly.

I define these moments as presence, that special time when you are truly present in the now, devoid of the distractions that normally monopolize our thinking and doing.

This presence is full of energy, of concentrated, and intentional doing that is both efficient and effective, and the results are often highly innovative while practically appropriate.

This is how you would want your teams to operate, in this presence, innovating, creating, and intentionally doing things that elevate their performance and the brand of the organization. If this culture existed within the organization then engagement would go up, effort would go up, happiness would go up, and profits would go up. So then why do we not lead, create and operate in this way? Because we fail to see half of the equation that makes us present in the moment. We talk about doing, doing, doing, but forget about being. The reason these “now” moments exist is due to the integration of both doing (purposefully) and being (intentionally).

The doing creates or completes things, can accomplish tasks, or take action to solve problems, but the being keeps you in the moment, in the joy of doing. When your attention is deeply, and solely focused in and on what you are doing, then there is joy in the doing; the action is joyous because the moment is intentionally purposeful (in being). People talk about work/life balance, like it is a scale to be calibrated and once balanced, fixed in place, but this will never work, life is constant, chaotic, and changing, therefore the balance you should seek is between doing and being. If you are self-aware you can recognize when you are doing too much, and consciously choose to get back to being in the moment, so that your doing becomes, effective, efficient, and joyous.

Leaders can create this culture by being heart-centric, by engaging the heart and the mind, by being authentic, transparent, vulnerable, empathetic, and ethically assertive.


- mike

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