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Recently I completed a 2-day leadership session at the Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute entitled, Inspire like a Leader. Although I had made connections with many different, extraordinary people, the most powerful insight came from self-reflection, as inspired by the work to discover my why, and because of the caring support provided to honestly look into myself.

I believe, as do the leaders at Barry-Wehmiller, that sharing our why strengthens our purpose, and can also help inspire others in the search of their own why. Additionally, when we gain clarity around our why, then taking action in alignment with our why (our purpose) becomes fluid and in coherence with our life. Below is my why, along with how I ensure my why is put into use.

MY WHY (purpose)

“To empower people to navigate their life’s path; so that they step into their brilliance.”

HOW (process)

  • Communicate gratitude
  • Listen to learn
  • Reflect on reason
  • Acknowledge the truth, no matter the messenger
  • Challenge to enlighten

When we consciously choose to self-reflect so as to be intentionally self-aware, we begin the process of internal transformation, and as a result we also begin our reconnection with the external world, forming in the process a new, powerful, and positive relationship, with our “self” and others.

Leadership that cares, supports, and believes in the brilliance of people, understands that the initial journey they must take is inward. This internal adventure can be arduous and takes courage, not the traditional, physical display of courage, but the courage to look at and use one’s heart as a lens through which you truthfully see yourself, and openly see others.

The heart’s message is one of purpose, a purpose greater than the self, and is why leadership that is truly courageous is heart-centric, and people-centric, they perceive inward out, they communicate inward out, and they lead inward out. This is a leadership of inclusion, not agreement, of autonomy, not authority, and of compassion not control. And that type of leadership provides safety for others to self-express, and be brilliant, and isn’t that what we all want, to be seen, and heard, as we stand fully in our brilliance?

Regardless of our “title” we all lead when we accept responsibility for our own lives, and if we wish to “live” a life of meaning, then we must learn our “why” in support of our purpose.

Commit today to self-love, decide today to be self-compassionate, and then act today in alignment with your heart, your purpose, your why.


-- mike

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